Deep Tissue Massage


I trained in Deep Tissue Massage in 2014 whilst training as a Craniosacral therapist, and so my approach to massage is deeply informed by Biodynamic principles; it is rooted in a deep listening to the Whole person in order to appreciate and respond to how and where tension is held, and to what degree this is affecting the expression of motility and mobility or primal health.

Massage principally works on the level of the Fluids and Tissues and promotes health on many levels, consequently the benefits of massage may be experienced on more than just a physical level where relief from symptoms manifesting as discomfort and increased sensitivity, coupled with a compromised range of motion may be what we are coming with.


The work takes into account your current level of discomfort and safely establishes what level and depth of pressure is appropriate and useful to you in the massage, meeting you where you are and avoiding inappropriate tenderising. The treatment incorporates gentle breath-work to support your capacity to engage with the massage at a depth that is within your boundaries, and assists in slowly expanding your threshold to support the release of tension. The breath can be seen to fundamentally related to our sense of embodiment, where the breath moves in the body our awareness is able to follow without obstruction.

Treatment is usually conducted in direct contact with the skin and only uses neutral oil.

The treatment room has a dedicated self contained changing area, and clean towels are provided for your comfort. Respectful draping will be used at all times throughout the treatment, you will only remove clothing to your underwear.