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Teaching practice

I taught on 2 cycles of the Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy training at CTET from 2016 – 2020, and have been invited to teach on the 2024-2026 Circle Cranio practitioner training. In my teaching practice I get excited about developing and crafting dynamic presentations of content from the syllabus that engage students through a constellation of striking images, using materials as visual and tactile aids, and facilitating embodied explorations of content both through demonstration and leading guided movement scores to enable a deep felt-experience of the theory being shared. 

In leading practical sessions I am drawn to support students trough keeping things simple, practical humorous and permissive, to keep an open mind and a kind heart toward oneself and others. I find this helps take the pressure off having outcomes and lets people begin to feel at home in the focus of the practice, often a new territory being explored. This in and of itself seems to resource students into a centered calm presence whereby the nature of what’s being explored can really reveal to the practitioner its’ qualities and specificity.

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