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For Performers


My professional career over the past 28 years has been in Contemporary dance and Somatic movement practice, literally 'the process of awakening awareness of the human body'. As a dancer I have performed in works by many renowned and notable choreographers in the UK and internationally. I also choreograph and teach dance and embodied movement with awareness for professionals, dance and performance students and children, and have led and facilitated multi-generational group performances spanning an age spectrum from 7 to 70. I created many dance and performance works as co-director of performance collective Dog Kennel Hill Project with Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Henrietta Hale between 2004 and 2019. I am currently a dancer with Candoco Dance company a company of disabled and non-disabled dance artists who champion inclusive practice.  


Craniosacral therapy can be a rich resource for your dance movement practice by supporting you into a deeper relationship with your embodied awareness and felt-sense of your body, fostering a subtle dialogue between your conscious processes and decision making mind, and the felt, nuanced and changing nature of your body in present time, you could call it the inner dance of your body.


Craniosacral therapy can support you into a deeper relationship with your core potential as a felt experience that you can become more familiar with and draw on as a resource, and may impact widely into your perception of yourself and what your limits are. This may have far reaching implications for both studio based practice and performance related activity.


During injury rehabiliation Craniosacral therapy can provide relief from symptoms whilst addressing the wider causes that underlie the injury, and may be complimentary to other treatment avenues such as physiotherapy and remedial work that you may be following. It can support you in preparation for surgery and post operative rehabilitation by optimizing the body's available resources, as well as opening up possibilities for adjusting the 'how' of doing movement through movement happening with awareness.


Craniosacral therapy is harmonious with well known bodywork modalities such as Yoga, Chi Gung and Tai Chi, Feldenkris, Contact Improvisation and Body Mind Centering, and may be a complimentary additon to your practice .

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