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Resources for wellbeing

In the context of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, resources can be understood as things we can access that encourage a palpable sense of positivity, either instantaneously in the moment, or that are woven into our day to day activity alongside commitments such as work. These could be hobbies and activities that we enjoy and benefit from.

Cultivating resources for ourselves, giving some attention to these components in our lives and developing a habit of being able to draw on them with intention when we recognise we might benefit from what they give us, can be a really handy support whilst we navigate difficulties. Having them available means we can touch in with them and loosen things up a bit.

I like to be quite active, it gives me a lot of feedback about my state of being and how that changes on any given day, and it’s generally quite good for me as I find when I am sedentary my mood can become affected in a similar way. Some of my resources are recreational activities 

I love to go for walks in the land, and finally after many years of waiting for the right time I now have a wonderful four-legged companion to go along with who gets me out and amongst the trees and sky everyday! Sometimes near to home, or maybe occasionally getting away for a few days with the family and tent and experiencing some new part of the countryside.

I am a skateboarder and ride pools and bowls with a similarly enthusiastic group of greying middle-aged skateboarders who sort of emerged from the cracks and bumped into each other around the same time a few years ago. It’s an inherently inclusive space, basically anyone who is passionate about skateboarding is welcome! Skateboarding is a community I have loved since the late 1980’s when I first got hooked, and after 3 decades away from it really resources me to participate in such a creative environment, set your own goals and support and encourage each other.

I have a meditation practice within the Dzogchen tradition. This practice supports me across my life, my work and family. I draw on it as a resource to help me stay grounded and spacious, and to allow ease and letting go in action. This supports my Biodynamic therapeutic sessions, facilitating presence, attunement and responsiveness. 

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