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I have been going to Ben for Craniosacral Therapy for more than eight years. In that time my trust and appreciation for both the therapy itself and Ben as a practitioner have grown enormously.
It’s hard to describe CST as it’s unlike any other physical therapy I have experienced, there’s no ‘clicking’, ‘manipulation’ or ‘adjusting’ involved.  Instead it feels as though Ben’s skilful hands and patience create a framework in which my body is able to heal itself.
The way I can feel my body adjusting itself makes me feel like an active participant in the process which ultimately feels more powerful then receiving a treatment passively.
Ben helped me recover from knee surgery and it has since become a regular part of the things I do to stay well.  I would highly recommend Ben and Craniosacral Therapy to anyone. RE

'My Craniosacral Therapy sessions with Ben have stayed with me. He provided me with a precious space to be with the fullness of my experience and to process what was emerging through the treatments. I could sense Ben’s years of experience both as a CST practitioner and as a dancer through his sensitive and spacious holding of my process and his understanding and trust of the wisdom of the body. I highly recommend these sessions'. CD

Craniosacral treatments with Ben feel gentle and non-invasive but at the same time can help me become more aware of what’s going on in my body and I notice things changing,  often profoundly,  without me needing to try too hard. That feels really key. Bens approach is very generous, considerate and intelligent. I feel like he works with where I am rather than imposing ideals. I always feel safe and looked after. HH

'You know every time someone talks about needing to reconnect with their bodies or to overcome some experience, I always mention Craniosacral therapy. I think I must have said that it saved my life, because I deeply believe that it did. I literally reconnected with my vital energy with Cranio. It helped me make peace with my health conditions, it saved my life and helped my body create new lives. I needed a therapy where my body would be the speaker because I could have easily hidden behind words. I could talk about the experience for hours. I remember once it felt like my body was diffusing in the air, it became the environment around it, and reminded me I was a part of Nature. This was the beginning of acceptance, peace and healing to me'. LT

‘Since coming to see you I feel much more like a whole person, more balanced as a person in all ways’. LN

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