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How does biodynamic craniosacral therapy work?

The craniosacral therapist makes a light hands-on contact with the client and holds them in non-judgmental attentive presence.


The therapist listens to the subtle expression of the tide-like movements of primary respiration in the clients craniosacral system, which in turn reveals the unique expression of health and vitality that underpin any patterns of trauma and conditioning that are present.


As the expression of these subtle phases of rhythmical movement clarifies, the trained craniosacral therapist can support the healing intentions that emerge from within the clients craniosacral system.


This process supports change and healing to occur from the profound inner intelligence of the body at it’s own rate and pace, allowing the client to experience the felt sense of this as it occurs naturally and spontaneously.


We may experience the benefits of biodynamic craniosacral therapy on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, enabling an integration of well being, balance and grounded openess in our life beyond the treatment session.

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